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August 2016 Devotional Calendar and Weekly Guides (Portrait)

August 2016 Devotional Calendar and Weekly Guides (Landscape)


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Do you know the story behind Her Binder Project?


Hi There! My name is Morgan Harper Nichols and I started Her Binder Project in 2014 as a way to challenge myself to dig deeper into God’s Word and put my faith in Christ into action on a daily basis. I made a calendar one month that included weekly themes, daily bible verses, and daily challenges to make sure I remembered these things. Even though I originally just started writing and designing these for myself, I felt the Lord leading me to share it with others for free. I was told that I could charge for something like this, but I didn't feel called to do that with this project. So I put it up on Pinterest as a free download in January 2015 and I was blown away by the response! Today, thousands of women around the world are joining in on this project and I am so grateful for each of you! Our community grows every month and over the next few months, we will be adding more devotionals and free downloads to encourage and inspire you right where you are in life. Thanks for being apart of this project!

- Morgan Harper Nichols
Morgan Harper Nichols is a singer-songwriter, artist, and author. She and her husband Patrick reside in Dallas, Texas. Morgan is also a shop owner: Morgan Harper Nichols Shop.
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